Thing a Week Redux

5 years ago Jonathan Coulton (that's me) started a project called Thing a Week, in which I released newly recorded song every Friday for a year. I'm replaying it in real time here with all the songs and the text from the original posts.

Aug 22

angelastic said: In your 2008 interview with Bry and Jinx from the forums, talking about opening for P&S, you said 'Now that I can play for an audience that has come to see me? I never want to do anything else. I just don't have the time or the energy to beat my head against the wall that is an audience that has never heard me before. If you're a fan, great! Come to the show. If you're not a fan, I can't help you.' So… with that in mind, what's it like opening for TMBG, and how long till they open for you? ;-)

I think that my experience would be very different if I were opening for a band that wasn’t so close to my universe.¬†Opening for TMBG has been great. For one thing, our fanbases overlap quite a bit, so there’s always a vocal cluster of JoCo fans making me feel like people actually want me there. And many of those TMBG fans who aren’t JoCo fans are also predisposed to BECOME JoCo fans, since, you know, TMBG and I are Pandora neighbors. So I do hope that expansion is one of the benefits of this opening band gambit, but I also am confident that we’re all going to have a good time whether that happens or not.

They will never open for me, they are rock stars.

  1. ahartman said: When you opened for TMBG last year, I was the only one I was with who knew about you, and I was most excited about seeing you live. By the end of your set, everyone was like “Who was he again? He was amazing!” :)
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